Our Team

We have an amazing team of leaders and volunteers at New Hope Church, who are passionate about connecting others with God.

John McKnight

pastor-john-smallAt New Hope we are shepherded by Pastor John McKnight.

I am blessed in this ministry with the love and support of three wonderful ladies, my wife Tracy and daughters Hannah and Grace.

I have been pastoring for 18 years with the last 14 years at New Hope.

My vision for New Hope Church is to….

  • Bring glory and honour to the Lord.
  • Remain true to God’s word.
  • Love God and people.

The Worship Team

from left to right: Tony, Kevin, Robert and John

from left to right: Tony, Kevin, Robert and John

At New Hope we believe that Christ is the hope of the world.

Our aim is to create an environment of prayer, praise and worship to celebrate and proclaim God’s love, grace and truth.

We, as the Worship Team, are dedicated to giving our time and talents so that our God is glorified.

The Sunday School Team


from left to right: Terry, Tracy, Charlotte, Leanne

At New Hope we believe children are a blessing from the Lord and recognize the value of building strong foundations of faith in the hearts and minds of our children.

We, as the Children’s Ministry Team, are dedicated to creating a fun, interactive Sunday School programme designed to suit children of all ages.